Fall Arrest Anchors Make The Difference

People who climb mountains for fun or for profit have given a lot of attention to the problem of falling. They know that falls should be prevented and they know the damage that can result when one happens. Centuries of practical experience have taught that fall arrest anchors can shorten the distance a climber falls and can minimize the chances of severe injury or death.

Mountaineers normally clip their safety lines to metal pegs that are hammered into cracks in the rock. More recently climbers have preferred to use nuts or camming devices which are less damaging to the rock but still provide the necessary anchorage for safety. Smart climbers know that if a foot or hand slips the climber will fall a few feet or yards to the last fall arrest anchor.

Having a an unscheduled dive arrested after a few feet or yards is generally considered more desirable than plummeting all the way to the ground and making a big splat. You don’t have to be an ecology enthusiast or clean climber to know that dead climbers detract from the beauty of the scenery. Every climber who wants to climb again another day knows that a lethal landing can seriously interfere with the planning process.

People who work in high places face essentially the same problem as mountaineers even if they are not having as much fun. An uncontrolled, high-speed descent from a tall building can be just as deadly as a tumble off of a mountain. Roof anchors are an essential part of the safety equipment of any roofer or other worker whose territory is up where the view is great but the distance to the ground can be life threatening.

Construction and maintenance of high rise buildings takes place far from the ground. The people who wash the windows on office buildings or casinos or hotels have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. People who go into that line of work tend to be more daring and less afraid of heights than the average citizen.

Isn’t easy to find people who are willing and able to work at extreme heights. Quite apart from the trouble and expense that result from accidents employers don’t want to lose good workers. Even if the laws concerning liability were not as strict as they are employers do well to provide the best window washing equipment available and train workers in proper usage.

Window washers learn to tie their safety lines to two separate roof anchors. If something happens to one of them the other roof anchor will be there for back-up. Of course nothing should go wrong and if the right equipment is properly installed nothing will.

But human error is a fact of life. Unforeseen circumstances are also a reality. Whether you are an employee, a worker, the owner of the work site or the insurance provider you are concerned about safety.

Accidents are expensive, not just in time and money but in human suffering and the damage that can be done to a company’s reputation. The only good accidents are the ones that don’t happen. When a fall does happen the best outcome is that injury or death are prevented by the use of the right safety equipment.

Falls are less likely to result in death or serious injury if workers are provided with adequate safety gear and taught to use it correctly. There is no shortage of fFall Arrest Anchor available that are suitable for any work site and any conditions. Owners of large buildings and even homeowners might want to consider having permanent anchors installed when their roof is built. Work crews can carry anchors that can be installed temporarily and moved as needed.

With over thirty years of experience in seven countries you can trust the experts in Fall Arrest Anchors.

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