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Many people wish to be electrical contractors. For one to become an electrical contractor it will be hard work and not for the lazy. You will need to have a drive and a good understanding of how everything works. It can take a few years of training but in the end it will be well worth all those long study hours.

A national trade certificate in electricity will need to be achieved to become an accredited person. If one is lucky you will be able to get experience while working under an experienced contractor. To qualify you will need three years in the field. It will be to your advantage to get your N2 electrical trade theory. If you are willing to also get your module MO and M7, you will be one step ahead of the rest.

The next is classified as the “inside contractor”. They install and maintain all residential as well as commercial buildings with electricity. They are there to provide voltage to any dwelling inside a certain boundary line. The last classification is the “voice/video/data” contractor. They specifically work with all low-voltage installations. He will be working with telecommunications, security systems as well as fiber optics. This is a transparent and flexible fiber that is made from plastic or silica.

The next, construction, will need to plan all installations on domestic, industrial and commercial locations. He must have the knowledge of how to wire different objects and know the correct regulations that need to be followed. Load requirements and the correct cables for each job will be of utmost importance.

If one is buying a new home or having one built, it is very important to find the right person for the right job. Always check out their credentials before hiring. Many companies rely on their professional approach to finish the task at hand. The world is now using wireless networks especially in businesses. This is a computer network that utilizes wireless data connections. Cables are obsolete with this method of communication. Wi-Fi as well as cell phones are two examples.

To be qualified to attend a college that offers electrical, one will need to have good eyesight and not be colorblind. You must be able to communicate clearly and have good eye hand co-ordination. This will be an asset as you will be working with tools day in and day out. One will need to have a certificate stating that you have passed mathematics and physical science. There are multiple levels that will need to be written. In order to get three national certificates during the year, registration dates are in January, April and again in August.

The Electrical Contractors Association is registered in terms of the Labor Act. This is purely a non-profit organization. It is only there to serve and to generate funds to keep it going. This membership has close to 3000 contractors and distributors of equipment and components. There are over 50 % of employers and they in turn employ over 70% of the industries workers.

In all major cities the ECA provides essential services to help with the contractors so that they will be able to offer their clients professional, safe and competitive as well as guaranteed work. Support will be provided to all contractors in regards to labor relations, marketing and technical inquiries. Training will be provided to become successful in this field.

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