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In planning to build a home or any construction for that matter, you must never take for granted the part where you choose your general contractor. The general contractor has a very big contribution on this project. His skills and competence can define the output of your construction.

Preferably, you can start by looking at your top choices of general contractor first; you can have your top five contractors or four. This is a lot easier to choose the one since the choices are fewer and carefully selected. You have to set standards in choosing one. He must be complete with all the skills needed to be a great contractor.

> Your family, co-workers, friends, and people you trust can be your source of reference.

Perhaps they are the people who have experienced the same project as yours and have found the great contractor for them which you may use as well.

> Go to some local building supplies establishments near you.

When you go to this kind of stores, you can possibly find some names of local builders and how to contact them. You may also converse with the people working there if they know of some they can recommend to you.

> Look and browse for information online.

There is wide information you get online to locate that licensed and certified contractor you need. Be more specific. Indicate where you are located to have only a general contractor who is within your area of location.

Then you choose at least five general contractors which are on top of your list. Narrow them down by contacting them and each ask them about their jobs. You have to also be certain that all your choices have coverage for personal liability, property damages, and compensation of worker. They have to be certified too.

Now you can assign a certain date to meet the chosen contractors, perhaps your top three after you have removed the others. You have to let them bring their proof of records.

Here are some of their possible documentations:

1. Current General Contractors License, Liability Insurance, and Current Work Comp Insurance, 2. Find out his membership to some local contractor organizations or any other agencies, 3. Assess his working portfolio and some suggestions on him coming from his past works.

Then this part is crucial. This is the part where you personally converse with each contractor not about him but about your plan. Give him the details about the budget, time, and overall plan you have. This will surely be a chance for the builder to know more about it so that he gets to make an offer to you.

Basically, ask your contractors to present to you at least two suggestions which they can give regarding the project before you decide as to whom you will pick. So that there will be no conflicts in the long run, there must be a written agreement about all the deals both have made.

That is the last step to take before you get to finally choose your general contractor for the job. Let him sign the written agreement and basically give him the floor now to start the ball rolling.

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