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If you are planning to build your own house, then selecting a general contractor is not enough to be successful, it is also recommended that you know the language, construction and details of the overall construction work. Building a house is a complex process, it needs thorough planning and careful execution of those plans which is why it is easier if both clients and general contractor have a common understanding about the process.

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Remember that one of the main reason for an ugly built house is not a bad plan but an unskilled contractor.

Contractors have different categories. To know the functions of individual contractors will make you understand which of them to hire.

Professional General Contractor: These contractors are the professional and reputable ones who are working in an established organization or partnership. They already have their hands full with prestigious and one of a kind building projects.

Starters: General contractors who doesn’t have enough experience in construction since they are still amateur. These general contractors want to gain good comments from clients since they are still starting to collect projects. These are the kind of contractors who are working under a builder and would want to have their own construction.

Inexperienced Contractors: These kind of builders have the experience of building a house but no formal training whatsoever. They are suitable for minor building projects since the quality of their work is just average.

Lousy and Bad Builders: These types of contractors are popularly known as the vanishing builder. They are reputed to be such since they may disappear half into the construction or if a payment is already given. In this situation, these contractors don’t have the essential skills to be an established and reputable contractor.

There are a lot of possibilities such as hiring the wrong contractor for your project. Below are essential tips that you can follow to avoid the bad and unreliable contractors:

You can ask most electricians, plumbers, real estate brokers and building suppliers if you have a reputable and honest general contractor.

Research their past projects. As discussed, amateur builders begin working under a reputable contractor. Evaluate all the construction projects they have completed in the past.

Previous clients are also a good source of information.

Know any good or bad experience of previous clients with the general contractor.

Were the builder able to satisfy and deliver what the clients requested?

How quick was the contractor in reacting to certain issues that happened when the project is done? It is essential that you conduct a thorough assessment and background checks of all general contractor to be able to find the right one for your project.

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