Help On How To Protect Your Brick Home From Leaks

It is important to understand how to protect your brick home. Bricks have been used for construction for many years and continue to be a popular way to side a house. However, they do require quite a lot of routine care and maintenance. Older homes especially can have suffered significantly from neglect and may need a lot of repairs.

Bricks that were made before 1870 were often made by hand. They may also have been fired unevenly and are very vulnerable to damage. Anyone with a historic home should be aware that they must proceed with the utmost caution and not engage in any harsh work. This includes power washing and sand blasting that can be devastating to fragile masonry.

Even modern bricks have a limited life span and must be carefully maintained. Much depends on how they were originally installed. A good mason will have used high quality products and only done the work in the right conditions. Mortar cannot dry properly in very cold weather and will always have problems.

One of the most crucial considerations is to only use the very best contractor. For both new construction and repairs it is equally important to search around for a very experienced and capable mason. He will understand the need to install a water proof membrane between the exterior walls and the bricks. This will prevent damp and moisture entering and causing damage and mold problems.

All repairs should be carried out by an experienced mason. It is important to only use a contractor who has expert knowledge of the particular job. For example, new construction should include the installation of a water proof membrane as sooner or later water will find its way into the masonry.

There are many things to know about how to protect your brick home. However, practically everything comes back to using only high quality products and the best contractors. They will know exactly how to address leaks, decay and damage. Getting the job done right the first time is very important.

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